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The Benefits of Pediatric Compounding for Children

Despite efforts made by commercially-made medications, we often encounter problems with administering medications to children. Some medications taste bad, some medications are too large, and some medications are only made in one form. Some children may have an allergic reaction or intolerance to one of the ingredients in the medication.

At ORIGINS Pharmacy & Compounding Lab, we don’t want your children to settle for the status quo. If your child is having difficulty swallowing a tablet or capsule, ORIGINS Pharmacy & Compounding Lab can modify it into a unique form such as a topical cream or liquid to help make it easier to administer. We can also add flavouring to help make the experience more pleasant for the child.

Your child might have a unique condition that requires them to take a medication that’s only made for adults. In this case, the concentration and/or the form of the medication must be modified for it to be safe to take for the child. Through compounding, we can customize the concentration of a medication to maximize the therapeutic effects and minimize the side effects to your child.

Customization based on personal needs

Every child is unique. This means that they will not only have different preferences when it comes to taste, but it also means that they will have different needs based on age, size, or allergies. We not only customize the dosage form based on their needs, but we can also help make medications safe to take if they have allergies – for example, sugar-free or gluten-free medications. If your child requires multiple medications, we can also combine them to help with the ease of administration.

Pharmacy compounding has many benefits for patients. In essence, it allows medications to be customized and made easier to take and administer. The benefits of pediatric compounding for children are especially crucial due to the unique nature of children’s needs. At ORIGINS Pharmacy & Compounding Lab, we provide a wide range of services to help keep your child healthy and to address the individual needs of each child. Contact us today to find out more about how compounding can help your child.

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