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Endless Possibilities for your Patients

We cutomize medications in various dosage forms

Medication Form

We make custom dosage forms including lozenges, capsules, creams, shampoos, suspensions, suppositories, eye drops, injections and more.

We flavour medications to improve compliance

Custom Flavors

We have a selection of appealing flavours to enhance palatability and compliance.

We compound various medication doses

Specific Dosages

If a patient requires a lower dosage or concentration of a medication that isn't commercially produced, we can tailor it perfectly for their needs.

We can combine multiple medications

Combining Ingredients

When safe to do so, we combine medications into one convenient form (such as a single capsule or multi-modal cream).

We recreate unavailable medications

Discontinued Medications

We recreate medications that are discontinued for non-safety related reasons, on shortage, or difficult to source. We also personalize medications reflective of your patients' allergies or sensitivities.

We accommodate all allergies and sensitivities

Allergy & Sensitivity Free Medication

We can make any medication without offensive ingredients to accommodate the unique needs of every patient.


Sterile Compounding

What is Sterile Compounding

ORIGINS’ specially trained pharmacists routinely prepare custom medications in response to physician and patient needs. Sterile compounding is the preparation of custom medications free of any contaminants or particles to maintain patient safety.

ORIGINS Pharmacy & Compounding Lab, located next to the New Oakville Hospital, has proper ingredients, techniques, equipment, extensive training and progressive state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the final product is safe and effective.

Examples of Sterile Compounds

• Intracavernosal Injections for Erectile Dysfunction (Tri-Mix or Bi-Mix)
• Ophthalmic & Otic Drops, Ointments & Suspensions
• IV/IM Nutrition (Vitamins & Minerals)
• Irrigation Solutions
• Cosmetic/Aesthetic Medicine Injectables
and so much more

Sterile Compounding Standards

Sterile compounding requires assurances of sterility and potency with each individual product made. ORIGINS complies with the regulatory federal and provincial legislations and has implemented rigorous quality control and quality assurance measures daily and routinely. Our priority is the safety and efficacy of each product we compound

Origins Pharmacy Sterile Compounding



Guaranteed Quality

Rest assured that the preparations we dispense to you and your patients are exactly what you prescribed and will always be consistently and reliably the same

Save Time and Resources

We save you time by providing you and your patients with solutions. We will educate, provide cost savings, and assist with insurance reimbursement

Access Support

Our collaboration will be an additional resource to you and your practice. Our strategy is simple: offer innovative, evidence-based solutions to problems

Credible Health Partners

We have extensive experience working with every type of healthcare practitioner. We are a valuable asset to help serve both you and your patients

A Promise from the Founders

When quality, value, choice and exemplary customer care matters, we promise to deliver to our valued prescribers and patients.

We will always strive to provide comprehensive and innovative quality solutions for you and your patients. Integrity, commitment and excellence are the key values that our business has been built upon. When you collaborate with ORIGINS Pharmacy, you will be a valuable member of our team and have access to evidence based formulas, clinical expertise, and support for your practice so you have more time to provide optimal care to your patients.

Streamline the process to your patient's health journey.

We're ready to help you solve challenging cases, share our expertise and offer our unmatched integrity to your practice.