ORIGINS Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy and so much more. Our commitment to your health and well-being extends beyond the walls of our pharmacies, into your homes and our community. Our professional staff is focused on personalized holistic care with the whole person in mind.

Specialty Compounding

Compounded medications are medications that are made from individual ingredients and vehicles or bases, custom made for your specific needs. We work closely with patients and physicians to create a customized medication that will help those who have difficulty taking or responding to commercially available medications. Consider us your medication problem solvers!

Home Visits

So many questions, so little time. Our world is overflowing with information about health and wellness. Patients may often feel overwhelmed or confused about new drug regimens after leaving their physician or hospital. Our professional staff at ORIGINS Pharmacy will be happy to help ease your mind by scheduling a home visit for a thorough review of your medications and provide practical measures to help improve compliance and reduce the chance of side effects. This service is ideal for patients who are transitioning from the hospital to home, the elderly unable to make it to the pharmacy and people with medical conditions that make it difficult to leave their home.

Free Delivery

If you are stuck at home, without a vehicle or just too busy to pick up your medications from one of our locations, ORIGINS Pharmacy is proud to offer you complimentary delivery of medications or other health care needs to your home or workplace. We also offer free next-day delivery to all communities within Ontario.

Medication Flavouring

Studies show that improving the taste of medications increases compliance to over 90%, speeding up recovery for you or loved ones. Our wide variety of flavours is guaranteed to improve the taste of many medications for children, adults and pets.

Medicine Organizers: Compliance Packaging and AutoFill Program

ORIGINS Pharmacy is your resource to help you save time, improve safety and stay on track with your medications. If you or a loved one is having trouble with remembering to take medications or opening containers, our staff will organize your medications, vitamins, supplements and OTCs into a compliance package with clear directions as to when and how each medication should be taken. Our AutoFill program will allow us to refill your regularly taken medications and call you when they are ready. Our complimentary delivery program saves you time.

Nutritional supplements & Vitamins

The professional staff at ORIGINS Pharmacy is well equipped to address nutritional gaps due to chronic medication use, poor diet and/or disease states. Nutrition, supplements and vitamins have an important place in the prevention and management of disease. Our staff has selected only the finest pharmaceutical grade brands. If we don’t have what you need, ORIGINS Pharmacy is also able to customize your supplements and minerals. We have procured only the highest quality, scientifically supported ingredients designed to complement each other, and provide the right amounts for the best results.

Our services are designed around your needs. Contact us today to learn more about pharmacy compounding, or to discuss your prescription with one of our experienced pharmacists.





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