Compounding Unavailable/Discontinued/Shortages in Medications

Compounding Unavailable/Discontinued/Shortages in Medications

Medications may be commercially unavailable for a variety of reasons, the most common being that they are back-ordered due to a manufacturing problem and discontinued due to decreased usage or reduced profits. Sometimes only certain strengths and dosage forms of a particular drug, or specific combinations are discontinued.  Drugs can also be withdrawn from the market due to health risks and concerns.  Compounding pharmacies do not compound medications that were discontinued due to safety concerns.

ORIGINS Pharmacy & Compounding Lab plays an important role in ensuring that you have access to the medications you need regardless of why it is unavailable.  ORIGINS compounding staff can help by obtaining the raw active ingredients and  compounding the needed drug in the most appropriate dose, dosage form, and flavour for each patient’s needs. They may also compound medications which are free of problem-causing additives and allergens such as sugar, alcohol, preservatives, dyes, and gluten.

The unavailability of a drug (either because it is not being manufactured in adequate quantities or because it has been discontinued) can drastically affect individual lives. At ORIGINS Pharmacy, we believe that everyone should be able to access the drug they need, whether it is in demand or not. That is why we cater to clients whose medication needs are not being met by the pharmaceutical industry. If a medication exists but is unavailable to you, we can create it for you through compounding.

Examples of discontinued drugs that we can compound include:

  • Pyridium or Phenazpyridium
  • Starnoc or Zaleplon
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse)

How Origins Pharmacy & Compounding Lab Can Help

When you require medication that simply cannot be readily found in a regular drugstore, a compounding pharmacist can get you precisely what you need without the stress of having to track down a drug that is in short supply.  Compounding pharmacists are an excellent resource and play an important role when it comes to providing drugs that are experiencing a shortage. Based on your prescription, the compounding pharmacist will craft medication for your needs using pharmaceutical base ingredients – in whatever form you require.

If you require a drug that is in short supply, it can be difficult to search for the last available pills, doses, or bottles of the medications you need. Your best option in this case is to visit us at, and we can provide you with the right medication in whatever form you need, even if it is currently in relatively limited supply.